Video Call Help

Video Call is now available for tootifruity users.
Please note:

1. Video Call works only in Google chrome at the moment , so you may face errors if you are using other browsers. Video chat  will be available in other  browsers soon.
2. You have to ” allow ” the pop-up to enable the video call.
3.Sometimes your browser settings may have disabled your webcam .To enable this, Please go to “Google Chrome Settings” and then “Content Settings”.Then Go to “Media” and then “Allow Camera.”
4.Feedback after video call is necessary as it will enhance your credibility on tootifruity and it will help us to identify inappropriate users.
5.You can also click a snapshot-photo during a video call and this image will go into your private photo-section which can only be seen by you.
6.If someone has acted inappropriately then please send his/her snapshot photo to tootifruity and we will report this to the appropriate authorities.
7.We have restricted video call to 30minutes duration.Video Calls are disconnected after 30 minutes.
8.If you refresh the page during a video chat ,the call will be disconnected and you will have to call again.

It is important to be able to take a snapshot of the other user on video chat for safety reasons. Anyone who is unable or unwilling to show their face to you should be taken as a warning. They may not be who they claim to be and/or may be much older than they claim on their profile. Do not take any chances. If the other person wishes to hide their identity from you on video chat then report the user to Tootifruity and give them a poor feedback score to warn other Tootifruity users. 

Hope You really enjoy the experience of video call with tootifruity.


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