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You probably already know that the teen years can be tough. You are discovering who you are, your beliefs, your skills, responsibilities, and your place in the world.

It is comforting to be able to face these challenges with friends who share your interests. But you will probably listen to adults – parents, teachers, counselors, etc. – talk about peer pressure rather than the benefits of belonging to a group of friends.

You may not hear much about it, but peers have a profound and positive influence on each other, playing an important, reciprocal and mutual role in their lives:

Sometimes the reasons for concern in your life can also come from your peers. They may pressure you to do something that will make you feel uncomfortable, such as shoplifting, using drugs or alcohol, driving dangerously, or having sex before you are ready.

This type of pressure can be expressed openly with phrases such as (“It’s just a beer and we’re all having one”) or more indirectly— simply by offering you beer at a party.

Most peer pressure is not that easy to define. Sometimes a group can signal without saying anything at all – telling you how to dress, what to say, adopt some particular attitude about the school or other students, parents and teachers, in order to gain acceptance.

The pressure to be a part of what others do can be very powerful and difficult to resist. A person may feel pressured or influenced to do something just because other people are doing it or saying they are doing it. Peer pressure can affect a person to do, either something that is safe or something that has more serious consequences. Giving in to pressure to dress in a certain way is one thing — joining the habits of a drinking and smoking group is another.

People may feel pressure to give in to the customs of others, be accepted, and avoid feeling awkward or strange. When people are unsure of what to do in a situation, they naturally look to other people for signs of what is acceptable or not.

The people who are most easily influenced will be the first to be influenced by others. Then other people will be able to follow your example as well, making it easier to reason this behavior thinking – “It must be correct since everyone is doing it.”


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