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Do you have a student or several who do not even know why they are enrolled in their cycle and pass everything? … YOUR FAULT, you will not have played the organ well or the goat is not motivated enough … look for the fault.

Needless to say, if you do not do what is described, you are clearly unmotivated…. and he should rethink his own existence.

REMEMBER: The student is the center of the universe and should not allow an iota of effort on his part, a student should never feel even a minimum of pressure or frustration because if you face them in complicated situations to overcome, you are a bad teacher . Let the students grow infantilized even in their 20s. 😉

I was wondering if there is any center in Spain that works under these paradigms, under these principles.

I work with teenagers and it’s absolutely true. At first the hardest thing as a teacher is to let learning happen, out of insecurity, but I have found that it is the only thing that really works.

I will put them into practice I think that in most of the jobs that one assigns it is true that one imposes many aspects denying the creativity of the student and another is that it never focuses on the student’s taste, almost that we are in the analogy that happens in institutions educational in relation to managers and teachers often impose.

What a father it is to have this advice as a teacher is of great help to me and above all it provides tools to be able to put them into practice. Thank you

Each country has its reality with reference to the educational aspect, it is true that motivation is important for both the teacher and the student (I stopped using the word student for a long time) here in Peru if we talk about motivation for students, we will realize that the behavior of our society demotivates these children and adolescents with corrupt governments and authorities, aggressions, because education is trafficked, and unmotivated teachers not only because of the above, but also with miserable wages, starvation wages, where all For years the so-called advisers to the governments of the day with words and synonyms reform our educational laws, where educational positions are distributed by politicians and governments of the moment, where we are going to find incapable managers who only seek political accommodation, I ask you What kind of motivation should we have? If we were to do an investigation in Peru of which of the careers in the Universities there are few applicants, we will find Education, almost nobody wants to be a teacher in my country, but despite this, the true teachers even though in the schools we do not have the means If you have you in Europe, we invent and create methodologies that allow our students to apprehend and learn, to be creative, leaders, aware of their reality and to be able to improve it and put it at their service.


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