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Man is the only creature to be educated. Understanding by education care (support, maintenance), discipline and instruction, together with education1. According to this, man is a small child, educating and student.

As soon as the animals feel their strength, they use it regularly, so that it is not harmful to them. It is admirable, for example, to see the small swallows, which, barely hatched from the egg and still blind, nevertheless know how to make their droppings fall out of the nest. Animals, then, do not need any care; at most, wrap, heat and guidance, or some protection. Certainly most of them need to be fed, but no other care. Care (Wartung) is understood as the precautions of parents so that children do not make a harmful use of their strength. If an animal, for example, were to scream at birth, as children do, it would infallibly be the prey of wolves and other wild animals, attracted by their cries.

Discipline turns animality into humanity. An animal is already everything by instinct; a strange reason has provided him with everything. But man needs a reason of his own; he has no instincts, and he has to construct his own plan of conduct. But since he is not in a position to do it immediately, but comes into the world uneducated, others have to build it for him.

The human race must draw little or little of itself, by its own effort, all the natural dispositions of humanity. One generation educates the other. The primitive state can be imagined in ignorance or in a degree of perfect civilization. Even admitting the latter as previous and primitive, man has had to become savage and fall into barbarism.

Discipline prevents man, driven by his animal impulses, from turning away from his destiny, from humanity. You have to jetarle him, for example, so that he does not head, wild and dazed, into danger. Thus, then, discipline is merely negative, that is, the action by which animality is erased from man; instruction, on the other hand, is the positive part of education.

Barbarism is independence from the laws. Discipline subjects man to the laws of humanity and begins to make him feel its compulsion. But this has to be done early. Thus, for example, children are sent to school at first, not with the intention that they learn something, but with the intention of getting them used to being calm and observing exactly what is ordered, so that later on they do not allow themselves to be dominated. for their momentary whims.


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