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More than once we feel trapped in a relationship that hurts us or affects our well-being but we cannot cut it. How to free yourself from a toxic bond

Many times we know that this person is not good for us but we cannot leave them. We are not crazy or hate each other. It happens to many people and has to do with more personal issues than the other. For many reasons, people find it difficult to free themselves from ties that hurt them. It is very difficult to leave toxic relationships for various reasons. We tell you which ones and what you can do to get out of there and do yourself good.

According to psychologists, there are different reasons why we get trapped in relationships that hurt us. Some of them are:

We convince ourselves that we love the person we are with but it is good to check if why we stay there if it makes us suffer. Many times it is simply because we are used to it. Just as we get used to tasks that we dislike at work, we do the same with our partner. The important thing is to ask yourself: do I like how you treat me? I’m happy? What does it add to my life? It is key not to naturalize bad manners or portraits and see why we got there.

We like to think that things are going to change and everything is going to get better. Our partner is going through a bad time and things are going to be fine in the future. Sometimes we are too patient and we don’t want to give up but we have to realize that some relationships are just not for us.

Usually, we have a hard time seeing the flaws in others and we are very hard on ourselves. So when our relationship becomes toxic we think it is our fault and we believe that we dig the hole that we are buried in. It is not like that, sometimes it is relationships that lead us to act in ways we do not like and that is why we have to leave them.

When they started to come out, everything was sugar, flowers and many colors. Now, everything is dark, your partner is not what he was, he treats you badly, he despises you and you no longer like him as he is. It tells you that it is a stage, that it is going to change but everything remains the same. Maybe this stage is what it really is and what it showed you at the beginning was a very good character. Look at the present.

You panic being alone. Sometimes we want company and we pay any price for it, even if we complicate our lives. But, as the saying goes, it is better alone than in bad company. We don’t need to hurt ourselves like this.

Toxic people are often very manipulative. Many times they notice that you are about to leave the relationship and they become the most charming person in the world, they pay attention to you and take care of you. You feel like this is the best relationship in the world because when things are good it seems like a fairy tale. It is a matter of being strong and making the decision despite their attempts to stay close.

It tells you that you will never find anyone who loves you the way he / she loves you and you believe it. You feel that you are worthless to anyone except this person who takes advantage of your low self-esteem and sinks you into her toxic spiral. You have to know that there is no such thing as a better half and you will always be able to find another person to establish a relationship with respect and understanding.

There is no such thing as a better half and you will always be able to find another person to enter into a relationship with respect.

Of course, not everything is horrible, otherwise you would not be with that person. Sometimes it’s about sex, sometimes it’s about mutual friends, and sometimes it’s about a very strong common interest that keeps you together. But is all that toxicity worth those moments of light?

One may feel that you invested too much time in this person and relationship to leave it. However, does it make sense to keep putting more of yourself in it? The best thing is to cut your losses and water a garden that is full of flowers.

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