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In particular, it is necessary to avoid giving it exciting ingredients, such as wine, spices, salt, etc. It is strange, however, that children are so eager for these things. This is because they give their still confused sensations an irritation, an animation that they find pleasant. Russian children undoubtedly receive from their mothers the same taste that their mothers have for drinking brandy, and it is observed that Russians are healthy and strong. It is true that those who resist it must have a very good constitution; And so many die who, not doing this, could have lived; for such premature irritation of the nerves produces many disorders. They must be carefully preserved even from hot food or drinks, as they also weaken them.

It should also be avoided not to keep the child very warm, since his blood is already hot by itself much more than in adults. The heat of the blood of children reaches 110º Fahrenheit, and that of adults only 96º. The child suffocates in a temperature in which other older ones are perfectly. The cool room generally makes the man strong. It is also not good for adults to bundle up too much, cover themselves up excessively and get used to very hot drinks. Therefore, the child must be kept in a cool and hard bed. Cold baths are good too. No excitant should be used to arouse the appetite of children; it has to be born only of activity and occupation. The child should not be allowed to get used to anything, as habit becomes necessity. Even for the good, a whole habit is not to be made through art.

The barbarian peoples do not wrap their children in blankets. The savages of America, for example, dig holes in the ground for their children; They cover the bottom with dust from rotten trees to absorb urine and other secretions and keep the children dry, and then cover them with leaves; but, for the rest, they leave them the free use of their members. We wrap children like mummies for our comfort, not to take care of them getting hurt; What, however, happens with the mantillas, which also cause them a lot of fear and make them fall into a kind of despair, often preventing them from using their limbs; it is believed then that they can extinguish their cries with mere words; but let a man be involved only once, and it will be seen if he does not cry out too and does not fall into anguish and despair.


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